This section is dedicated to the SmallGrok pets:

  • Minnie the Goldendoodle
  • The cats, Mowgli and Murray


The three “M’s” got into the household this way —

  1. (the black cat) Mowgli’s original owner found out she was allergic to him.  So, we adopted him.
  2. About a year later, Murray (the grey and white cat) was being “mistreated” and kept running away from home.  Murray was just weaned, and Mowgli “raised” him.
  3. A few years (about 5) later, our trusty 12 year old Old English Sheepdog developed cancer, and we had to put her down.
  4. I (jwb7605) discovered I’m just not happy without a dog friend, so we decided to get a Goldendoodle pup.  I picked an excellent breeder, and got a truly amazing pup.